Marília Mendonça, a Celebrated Brazilian Pop Singer Dies At 26 in a Plane Crash

Marília Mendonça, the popular Brazilian singer tragically died

A renowned Brazilian Pop singer and Latin Grammy winner, Marília Mendonça dies at the age of 26 in a plane crash on her way to a concert. Sources reported that the accident occurred when the singer was on her way to a concert, between her hometown Goiania and a small city in Minas Gerais state, Caratinga, on Friday, killing a total of five people, including Marília Mendonça. Apart from the singer, the pilot, co-pilot, her producer Henrique Ribeiro and her uncle Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho have been reported dead.

Pics from the sit of the plane crash
Photo: Minas Gerais Fire Department via EPA-EFE

The death of Mendonça and the other four members on the plane was confirmed by the civil police department of Minas Gerais’ state as well as by her agency. But, as of now, we do not know much about what had caused the plane crash.

Marília Mendonça became the most heard musician on Spotify in 2019 and 2020. The beloved singer of Brazilians, she often highlights the prevailing feminist issues in her songs.

Friends and fans mourn over Marília Mendonça’s death

The death of the iconic Brazilian singer was deeply mourned by her fans as well as Brazil’s politicians, musicians, and soccer players. A good friend of Mendonça and a Soccer superstar Neymar expressed that the news of her death is unbelievable for him. On November 6, the Soccer player posted a few photos of him with the late singer along with a video of him performing with her. He wrote in the caption that Mendonça’s performance on his birthday was the best surprise for him. Neymar also wrote, “I will be your eternal fan Rest in peace.”

Marília Mendonça dies at the age of 26 in a plane crash
Mendonça’s Instagram

Another Brazilian singer, Anitta, also expressed her sadness over Marília’s death and stated that the singer was the most accepting friend. She also posted a few pics of her with Mendonça on her Instagram handle.