Love and Leashes: Seohyun and Lee Jun-Young’s New Romantic Thriller on Netflix Unveils Posters & Teasers

The workplace romance trope with a hint of thrill!

Lee Jun Young and Seohyun‘s upcoming movie trailer has definitely managed to create a buzz and we’re here for it! Recently, Netflix released the trailer for “Love and Leashes” starring the two actors and the preview looks quite promising.

Based on a webtoon, “Love and Leashes” is about the thrilling romance between the two main leads. Ji Hoo (played by Lee Jun Young) is the picture perfect man with a few unique kinks. Ji Woo (played by Seohyun) is a talented public relations employee who ends up learning about Ji Hoo’s secret unintentionally.

Director Park Hyun Jin of “Lovers of 6 years” and “Like for likes” fame is taking over this film.

Love and Leashes on Netflix
Netflix Korea Official Instagram

What does the Love and Leashes movie preview reveal?

An accomplished PR employee, Ji Woo mistakenly receives her colleague Ji Hoo’s package and comes to know about his sexual preferences.

The characters are completely opposite, yet their chemistry is quite evident and their charm will entertain the viewers for sure.

A new poster for the movie has been released where Ji Woo is seen stepping on Ji Hoo’s shoulder with her jet black stilettos. Even though the relationship between the two initially is assistant manager-employee, the dynamics between them seems to have flipped once the secret comes out.

Love and Leashes on Netflix
Netflix Korea Official Instagram

The poster also says “Respecting personal preferences, top-down obedience romance.”

We are sensing a tad bit of dominant submissive vibe presented in a cute, romantic way and we are loving it!

When is “Love and Leashes” coming on Netflix?

This thriller rom-com is all set to arrive on the popular OTT platform on February 11 2022.