Rapper Kanye West at his Daughter Chicago’s Birthday Party after Majorly Shading the Kardashians- Read all about the drama!

Rapper Kanye West blasts the Kardashians in the latest viral video

American rapper and record producer Kanye West released a viral clip throwing shade on the Kardashians, claiming he could have missed out on his daughter Chicago’s birthday, all thanks to the high profile family.

In the viral clip, the father of four is seen driving around the streets of LA while ranting over the fact that he wasn’t able to go to his daughter’s birthday.

Kanye West is absolutely tired of the family drama

West went on to say in the video that he had to wish his daughter on her birthday publicly because apparently he wasn’t told the location of the party.  He further said that his health was deteriorating due to all these toxic games being played with him and the Kardashian family drama.

Kanye said the reason he was posting the video online was to get the support of his audience. The influential rapper clarified that he had called his ex-wife Kim, texted the nannies and also called Tristan (who apparently said he’d ask Khloe), but nobody gave him the location of the party. 

However, Kim has denied all accusations

Kim Kardashian definitely did not keep mum on the situation. Regarding Kanye’s statement where he said he would not succumb to “baby mamas” and “grandmamas” who “play games”, Kim has denied the occurrence of any such incident.

The party celebrated Stormi and Chicago’s 4th birthdays.
Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Pagesix

After Kanye’s video went viral, sources have confirmed his arrival at his youngest daughter Chicago’s 4th birthday party.

Is Kanye causing drama for no reason?

According to an inside source, Kim was quite shocked on all the accusations made by Kanye on the live video because apparently it was Kanye himself who insisted that there should be two separate parties.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Instagram | @kimkardashian

They had pre-decided that Kim would throw a party early during the day and the rapper would host a separate celebration later on. 

Were the Kardashians actually stopping Kanye from coming? Or did Kanye just make false accusations? Only time will tell.