Lightyear will Showcase the First Ever Same Gender Animation Kiss in a Revolutionary Move!

Reinstating The Intimacy Scene

The kiss between the same gender has been restored by the Pixar’s Lightyear. Earlier, the scene got cut during the editing process but it was bought back into the picture after a backlash at Disney Company.

Further, as per The Hollywood Reporter, there is a kiss between two female characters. One of those characters is Alicia Hawthorne, voice-over by Uzo Aduba. Thereafter, the second character is yet to disclose.

The movie is going to launch on 17th of June 2022.

Lightyear poster
From Twitter @Pixar

Story Behind The Backlash

The relationship between both the characters were from the beginning. Further, during the process of editing, their scene of intimacy and that conversation was cut down.

As per Variety, on 9th of March 2022, the LGBTQ employee and allies at the Pixar animation studio posted a joint letter. They had sent a letter to the Walt Disney Company. Further, they were claiming that the Executive of Disney had censored the overtly gay affection in the movie.

In that statement, they wrote that at the Pixar studios they had witnessed many beautiful stories with various characters. Still, probably every overtly gay affection scene got deleted from the Disney’s movie. All this happened even after the protest by the creative team and executive leadership at Pixar.

In return to their statement, Disney’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Chapek had given a reply. He said that the scene is not just an issue but there is a bill in Florida about it. Hence, it is also a challenge to the basic human right.

The scene restored after the statement of commotion by the employees and Bob Chapek.

Image from the movie Lightyear
Courtesy Pixar/Disney

Past Animated Movies With Same Content

There are several examples of animated movies representing LGBTQ but the movies were only for adult audience. Those movies include South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut of 1999, Persepolis of 2007. Along with these there are movies like Sausage Party of 2016 and Flee of 2021.

The list also includes Sony Pictures’ The Mitchells VS. The Machine, aired on Netflix.