HBO’S True Detective Is Up For A Formal Comeback With Issa Lopez As Creator

True Detective, the crime drama is making a grand Comeback

True Detective is an American anthology Crime Drama television series. This series is few steps away from a formal comeback at HBO. Till date, the series has three seasons out at HBO. The first season premiered on 2014, the second season premiered on 2015 whereas the third season premiered on 2019.

True Detective Poster
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The 4th season will be out soon, but this time it will be without Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of the series.

New Team

As per the sources, by The Hollywood Reporter, Issa Lopez has been recruited as a new creator. She is going to pen down a new script for the new season, True Detective: Night Country. Issa Lopez is famous for her works, Tiger Are Not Afraid, Side Effect, etc.

Lopez is not only a director but also an executive producer. Along with her, Barry Jenkins has also joined the executive production of the crime drama. He will produce through his pastel banner.

Earlier, in 2020, Pizzolatto told The Hollywood Reporter that when he met the executive producers, they all had decided to part away.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will again be the executive producers for the 4th season as well. They both were seen starting the 1st season.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson
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Anonymous Content will again be producing the series.

The success story

After the release of the 1st season, the series received great comments from the critics and good rating too. It was in the nominations for numerous awards for numerous categories too. Further, the 1st season had 12 Emmy Nominations and Pizzolatto had won the award for his writing after the series win five Emmy.

The 1st season had received a huge response from the crowd whereas the 2nd season received even better response than the 1st season. The 3rd season received an awesome review but the number of viewers declined. We hope for a great review and a huge view count for the upcoming season.