Kailyn Lowry has a hilarious way to make her haters shut up and uses Tiktok: Mind your own business.

Hate is a bad thing. However, celebrities, stars who perform at public domains tend to face them more often than anyone else. Usually, stars have to go through hate comments on their social media accounts.


It is now the new normal for them. be it their Instagram post, twitter post, or any other social media, they usually have to face things like hate comments or treats of being boycotted or shamed in different ways. A group of society is seen going against the other group in terms of their likes and dislikes.


To be a social media star requires not only talent but also the spine to tackle such hate remarks made by the public. Kailyn Lowry is a Tik Tok star and has been into many controversies in the past and continues to be in many. Her past has been the reason for people calling her out and making videos and passing comments that are not only painful but also unacceptable for any individual. 


What has happened in recent times that has raised concerns?

Kailyn has had a record of dating many men and moving on to others. She had once married and is now separated from them. her past has been filled with turmoils in terms of her love life.


However, that does not become any reason to call her out on social media and spur hate onto her. She has 4 children with her ex-boyfriends and ex-husband. Some people are skeptical about the same and wish to roast her on social media for the same. They call her morals to be bad and show their disgust with the same. He responded to them was through her video, she asked her fans not to speak anything about it as she wasn’t asking them to babysit her children and moved back to her work. Indeed, a strong decision.