Here’s how Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s love story went from a romantic beginning to a tragic end.

Love is everywhere, an inevitable part of one’s life. The only difference is when celebrities do it, it becomes the headlines. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie share a special bond.

Sometimes it’s not the perishing love that causes separation, but the circumstances that cause the separation of the loved ones. The two share an age gap of 15 years in total. One must be aware of the loss that Scott had to face in his family after losing both his parents and him moving to the rehab.

Some fans speculated it to be the cause of his drug consumption, however, his secretary made it clear that he took to the rehab for personal reasons in his life and not his habit of drug consumption.

A look into their relationship

The famous Kourtney Kardashian and Scott’s breakup is not unknown to anyone. Her relationship with Scott was one of the hottest ones in the industry. She even wished him on his birthday after their breakup and attended the grand party that he threw on the occasion. Sofia and Scott dated after his breakup with Kourtney.

The two went on a date to Miami. The two took to their Instagram handles to post their cozy pictures. In 2017, they had another date to Venice. Following that, they went to a celebration in December.

Confusion erupted when in 2018, Scott posted a picture of him with his ex-girlfriends. This was soon trailed by him inviting his ex, Kourtney to a Christmas celebration. To cut the confusion, Sofia and Scott went on a vacation to Finland. On Sofia’s 21st birthday, there were speculations of them having separated already. However, in 2020 at the time of the pandemic, the two were spotted together at various spots hanging out.