‘Isn’t It Romantic’ actor Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram Photo brought unwanted attention and a Lawsuit of $150,000!!

Find out all about the Lawsuit that Liam Hemsworth is facing.

This year hasn’t been very smooth for the Australian 29-year-old actor who saw several ups and downs in 2019. He did some good work in the year and his unfortunate and shocking split with his long-time girlfriend came this year after a decade of relationship and 7 months of marriage. And it doesn’t seem that the year will end on a smooth note either as the Hunger Games actor has been slapped with a lawsuit that could cost him up to $150,000 for posting paparazzi picture of himself.

As per leading daily news, Liam Hemsworth is being accused of unauthorized use of picture posted on his Instagram profile. Splash News and Picture Agency are jointly suing him for copyright infringement. The suit claims that the photographer took a series of pictures of Liam performing an outdoor scene on location for his Netflix film ‘Isn’t It Romantic.’

Liam Hemsworth slapped with a lawsuit.
Credit: Instagram | @liamhemsworth

The actor is accused by the companies for posting the pictures in question on his Instagram account on 15th July 2019 and tagging the movie’s promotional page. The document also alleges that same photograph was posted twice on his Instagram story by him or someone acting on his behalf on June 20, 2019. It further states that on the same day, a swipe-up feature was posted on Liam’s story that urged fans to vote for his movie, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ for Teen Choice Movie Awards.

This could result in Liam paying damages up to $150,000 per incident of copyright infringement if proven guilty. The legal document further claimed that within the time permitted by law, the plaintiff will make its election between actual damages and statutory damages.

Liam Hemsworth is not alone who has been slapped by a lawsuit, Australian actress Rebel Wilson is in the hot soup for the same thing. She is being sued by the Xposure Photo Agency for sharing her pictures of herself filming the comedy caper ‘The Hustle With Anne Hathaway.’