Audience got star stuck at “The Voice” performance of Dua Lipa! checkout what she did..

Dua Lipa flaunts her taut midriff in silver fringe as she hits the stage to perform for star-studded The Voice finale.

The singer who is famous and is a Grammy Award winner was seen on stage wearing a silver bra with glitter and short skirt along with it, which is also silver and has lots of sparkles to it. It was a silver ensemble that made her stand out in the crowd.

Lipa came to perform for season 17 The Voice finale. Before the winner was announced, Lipa performed her performance with this dress which made her stand out. The singer looked stunning and gorgeous in it. There were many dancers along to the performance by her. Lipa’s performance was an excellent one with dancers dancing in the background and singers along with it also. There were both girls and boys who danced along with the beat of her song.

Lipa is planning to release her second studio album Future Nostalgia in 2020. Also, there were will be a European tour along with it. Fans and well-wishers are all excited for the event that is going to come up soon. Hopefully, it will be a great one and everyone one would enjoy it thoroughly and up to its maximum and to the limit.

Anyhow the singer looked really good in the silver dress. Hopefully with all the things coming up, Christmas and a new beginning that is a new year also, things would change and turn out to be for its best and for the best for everyone around. Everything would hopefully be good for the singer. Also her new album is being released, which the date is not yet out. But it is going to be in the 2020. With the new album, it will be good for her. Also her fans are eater expecting for it.