In Another Shameful display of Racism, an African American Man got Killed by a White Police Officer in Custody, Enraging Citizens and Reminding us of the Disparity Between Different Colour Lives

Get to know more about the incident, which is being termed as another act of racism

Citizens in America and the world over are angry beyond compare after they got to learn about a handcuffed African American man being killed by a white police officer. This comes after reports of widespread looting and fire started coming from the Lake Street neighbourhood in Minneapolis.

What set off protests was when everyone got to see the video on Monday where the officer was seen pressing his knee down the neck of George Floyd, 46, who later died in hospital.

Causing an outrage

Source: Huffington Post

We get to see Floyd struggling to breathe in the video, and saying “I can’t breathe” before growing still. Onlookers were requesting the officer to let him go but he ignored them.

On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered on the street where the incident happened, and clashed with the police, who were wearing their riot gear and threw concussion grenades and tear gas at the crowd.

The crowd responded by throwing rocks, water bottles and other such items at the cops.

Source: Complex

News footage from a helicopter showed a large group of individuals raiding a Target store and running away with all the stolen items. During this, a person was shot and killed by a pawnshop owner who said the person tried to steal from him.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey requested prosecutors to file charges on the officer who was seen choking Floyd with his knee. Him, along with the other three officers involved in his arrest were fired from the department, and the FBI are currently investigating the matter.

This case gets added to the long list of cases involving black men getting killed by US police officers.