Cheaper by the Dozen: The Team Might have Not be Together Physically but have their Way to Stay Connected as Hilary Duff Shares a Post on their Virtual Reunion

A family comedy movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, launched in 2003 have served more good to the nation and their fans than just a laugh. The team was known for their wonderful teaming up history, where the crew had always been spotted together for events and have had good chemistry with each other as well. The movie was a drama-based one with tinges of comedy every while. The publicity of the movie had born great results, evident by the fact that the worldwide collection of the movie crossed the $190 million mark, which was unanticipated to the producers and the director at first. However, that was done.

Why are we talking about the movie now?

Certain art creations never die in the hearts of people. Their love for serials and movies stays forever, even if the movie got released much in the past. To date, the characters of the show are linked to their personal identity, which is something that any artist or actor/actress would want. The privilege is surely held by the team of the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen.


One is aware of the inconvenience that the world has to face due to the ongoing pandemic and how everyone is tethered to their residences, some away from their loved ones, while some lucky enough to be around them and provide them support at such difficult times. The crew of the movie was missing each other’s presence, which clearly signifies the bond that they had with each other after doing a movie together. The evidence to their relation is testified by the zoom group call that they recently did to stay connected. Something that makes us realize that they are more than colleagues and rather family.