‘If These Walls Could Sing’ Documentary Trailer Offers a Trip to Abbey Road Studios

The studio that was a blessing to music

When it comes to music recording studios, perhaps nothing compares to London’s Abbey Road Studios. The name has been popular since The Beatles made it an album. The image of the four members walking across a zebra crossing is also very iconic. Abbey Road was an equally iconic album and boasted songs like ‘Come Together,’ ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ and ‘Something.’ And now, the studio will be the star of an upcoming Disney+ docuseries If These Walls Could Sing. 

If These Walls Could Sing Trailer

If These Walls Could Sing

The trailer for If These Walls Could Sing came out today, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that it has been directed by Mary McCartney, the daughter of Beatles member Paul McCartney. She will take music fans on a nostalgic and memorable trip down history through If These Walls Could Sing. The Disney+ exclusive will tell the stories of all the bands and artists who made history as they recorded their chart-topping songs at Abbey Road Studios.

Mary serves as the narrator as well, quickly sharing her life from infancy to a teen as she grew up in the studio that many artists call “home.” She managed to bring some of the biggest stars from music and cinema to talk about the impact that the studio has made to their craft. The trailer also showed the dark moments that the studio faced during the ’60s when fewer bands started coming in and business dropped drastically. This was when they tried a new venture – film score recording. One of their biggest clients was George Lucas, and his magnum opus, Star Wars.

Cast and Release Date

If These Walls Could Sing

The series features interviews with legends like Ringo Starr, Roger Waters, Liam Gallagher, Celeste, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, and more.

If These Walls Could Sing drops on Disney+ on December 16.