David Harbour Hypes ‘Gran Turismo,’ famously Calls it Visceral

The movie will be directed by sci-fi maestro Neill Blomkamp

David Harbour is currently filming his next project, Gran Turismo, and teased that the movie will be very visceral. The project will be based on the long-running game by Polyphony Digital for the PlayStation console. The movie will be the first adaptation of the popular franchise to the big screen and has been in development for a long time. The movie was originally meant to be directed by Top Gun: Maverick’s Joseph Kosinski along with Alex Hse, but they departed, and RED writers Jon and Erich Hoeber came on board, only to leave later.

David Harbour on Gran Turismo

David Harbour in Stranger Things

In a recent interview with Collider, as he promoted his upcoming movie Violent Night, David Harbour spilled some beans about Gran Turismo. The actor said that production was underway and had big words to say about director Neill Blomkamp and his “visceralness.” He said that Neill is so cool and such a good director that it has been a joy to work on the movie. He said that the movie will not be like what we expect and that his visceralness will be seen in a video game world. In conclusion, it was not something you get from simulation racing.

Since David Harbour’s casting, Gran Turismo has added cast members like Archie Madekwe (Midsommar), Djimon Hounsou (Shazam!), Geri Horner, Daniel Puig (Naomi), Josha Stradowski (The Wheel of Time), and Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean).

About Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo

So why is it surprising that Blomkamp’s movie is visceral? Because the game is standard track racing. There are no trick lanes, street racing, or police chases like the Need for Speed games. So it’s really surprising that Blomkamp is adding a personal touch to it. But at the heart, the movie will be about a young competitor reaching their dreams.

Gran Turismo hits theatres on August 11, 2023.