Harry Styles Covered Britney Spears’ “Toxic” at Harryween Rocking a Clown Costume!

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” at Harryween

From night one, Harry’s group who ass dressed as “The Wizard of Oz” to night two where Harry was carrying a clown costume, Harryween is creating a huge buzz. It has turned out that Harryween was more than Halloween or some fancy dress show. 

Night two of Harryween was pretty amazing 

Almost everything was the same as that of night one on night two. The set was the same but the theme of the dress was different. All of Harry and his band were dressed as the characters from “The Wizard of OZ” on night one. But on night 2, it was less of a theme because Harry was carrying a harlequin clown costume. However, initially, fans thought that he would be carrying outstripping on stage but he did not. 

He covered Britney Spears encore song from 2003, “Toxic”. A first the group was singing the song Medicine and then they abruptly shifted to “Toxic”. Therefore, fans took time to realize what was coming their way. 

Was Harry Styles’ clown dress-up mean something?

Harry Styles' Covered Britney Spears' Toxic at Harryween Rocking a Clown Costume!
Credit: Twitter | Harry Styles

Well, there is no doubt that Harry Styles was bombing the stage even in the horrific clown dress. However, there is no reason yet came out that explains why Harry dressed in a clown dress. Maybe it was just Harry singing a song in a clown costume and it did not mean anything. A large part of fans also thinks that it may be extended support to Britney Spears after a huge success of the #freeBritney movement. However, many people on social media said that Harry dressing as a clown was a poor choice for Halloween. But, eliminating haters and unusual trollers, almost everyone loved his clown dress-up. 

For now, any of Harry’s representatives have clarified the reason for Harry being dressed as a clown (or maybe the reason is nothing just an idea).