‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Star James Snyder Fired After Co-Star Alleged Misconduct

An independent investigation was conducted before the actor was fired

James Snyder, who played Harry Potter in the Broadway production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was fired from the play after a cast member alleged misconduct by the actor.

A third party investigation was launched immediately after the complaint was received, and it has now led to this.

The complaint

James with Zendaya
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Diane Davis, who plays Ginny Potter in the play raised the complaint against James Snyder on November 19, 2021. As many are aware, Ginny, the sister of Ron Weasley married Harry and they have two children. Davis alleged misconduct by Snyder, 40, and is now on a leave of absence for an unknown period of time. Snyder was suspended while the investigation took place, and once it was concluded, his contract got terminated.

The show’s producers shared the news that Ms. Davis had taken a leave of absence, and out of respect for her privacy, and for the sake of the investigation, they will not be sharing any further. James Snyder’s reps had been approached for a statement but no word has been received.

What the producers had to say

The production

On that note, the producers further added that they are committed to foster a safe and inclusive workplace, that comes with various policies and procedures. It includes prohibitions against harassment in any form and gives their employees the right to report any inappropriate conduct. They finished by saying that they will continue to do that.

Prior to starring in Harry Potter, James Snyder had been part of Broadway productions like Cry-Baby, If/Then, and In Transit. He has made appearances in tv series like Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, among many others.