Girls’ Frontline Creates Frenzy with Second Trailer and Release Date Reveal!

The anime based on the successful mobile game is slowly gaining momentum

The Girls’ Frontline anime, based on the widely successful mobile game of the same name will be out next year. As promotional tools, the anime has released a new trailer and poster. The game, developed by MICA Team, came out in 2016 and expanded worldwide in 2016. Its success gave way to the anime adaptation, and the first trailer came out a few months ago. The anime was supposed to release later this year, but faced unexpected delays and got pushed to 2022.

The new trailer

Girls' Frontline
Warner Bros. Japan

Despite getting pushed, we don’t have a long wait ahead as the anime will be released sometime in January 2022, as part of the Winter releases. In the new trailer, we got to see information about the opening and ending themes, voice actors, and more.

The story takes place in 2060. War has taken over the whole world and chaos and darkness can be found all around. The ones who survived take it upon themselves to restore order, but for that you will have to revisit the past. A group of young women called T-Dolls form squads and go to battle, complete simulations, and offer logistics support. The dolls are androids and named after real-world small firearms.

Cast and crew

Girls' Frontline
Warner Bros. Japan

Girls’ Frontline will be directed by Shigeru Ueda under Warner Bros. Japan, Sunborn Network Technology, and Mica Team. The animation studio will be Asahi Productions. Made in Abyss‘ Hideyuki Kurata will be in charge of the scripts, while Masaki Yamada serves as character designer.

The cast includes  Haruka Tomatsu as M4A1M, Nozomi Yamane as M16A1, Emiri Kato as ST AR-15, Yukari Tamura as M4 SOPMOD II:, Mikako Komatsu as Gentiane, Nao Toyama as Kalina, Hitomi Nabatame as Agent, Kaya Okuno as Scarecrow, Shizuka Itou as Executioner, and Akio Ohtsuka as Kryuger.

Girls’ Frontline will feature the opening theme “BAD CANDY” as performed by yukaDD, and the ending theme, “HORIZON” as performed by TEAM SHACHI.