Futsal Boys: The New Television Anime will Reportedly Air in January 2022

“Futsal Boys!!!!!”, the upcoming sports-themed anime, gets a new key visual

New updates of the Bandai Namco Art, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s mixed multimedia project have been announced in Saturday’s live stream program. It was revealed that the project’s sports-themed television anime, “Futsal Boys!!!!!” will premiere in January 2022. The news of the anime’s delay came earlier in April, however, no specific date was revealed.

The project’s team also unveiled a new key visual of the anime featuring the lead characters. Further, the Futsal Boys game has also been postponed. Nonetheless, the team didn’t reveal a specific date for its release. Check out the first key visual of the “Futsal Boys!!!” TV anime below:

New key visual of "Futsal Boys"
Bandai Namco Entertainment

The “Futsal Boys” franchise

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming multimedia project includes a television anime, a smartphone-based futsal game app, as well as real futsal matches between the cast members. And the most intriguing fact is that the results of the real matches affect the anime and the game app.

Yukina Hiiro directed the anime, “Futsal Boys!!!!!,” and Diomedéa handled the show’s animation production. Further, Shoji Yonemura (Fairy Tail, Pokemon, and Digimon Fusion) worked on the story construction, while R.O.N (FLCL Alternative, FLCL Progressive) created the music for the interactive anime.

Futsal Boys: Plot

The anime features the story of a group of young boys chasing their sports dreams in the game of “futsal.” The Futsal game is a modification of Football, where the players play soccer on an indoor field.

As per the anime show’s official description, the story is set in a world years after the game of futsal relished global popularity. Haru Yamoto, the protagonist, gets inspired by the Japanese futsal player, Tokinari Tennoji, after watching him playing in the Under 18 World Cup finals. Eventually, Haru joins Koyo Academy’s high school futsal team with a dream to become like his idol.

The show will be broadcast in Japan starting January 2022.