Seoul Street And O4 Entertainment Reveals Teasers for “My Summer In Seoul” Adaptation!

All Rights of “My Summer in Seoul” is booked by O4 and Seoul Street

Will Yun Lee & Mark and Christine Holder (Seoul Street) along with O4 Entertainment are now the proud owners of “My Summer in Seoul”. It is an upcoming novel by best-selling author Rachel Van Dyken. The novel is based on romance and love set in the world of harsh realities. Soon, O4 Entertainment and Seoul Street will release a television adaptation of the novel. 

As the K dramas are gaining worldwide fame, the Korean creators have an idea about how much success their show will be. For example, take the reference of “Squid Games” or “Crash landing on you”, both the shows were heavily loved by the international audience. 

Coming back to “My Summer in Seoul”, it has a plot that might feel very common but has its own simplicity. Below is a full description of the show and the possible planning of its creators. 

My Summer In Seoul
Credit: Instagram | Rachel Van Dyken

A TV adaptation of “My Summer in Seoul” 

Just like in many series, here to the lead character, Lee travels across the world to reach Korea to follow up with her internship. Her father was a Korean and her mother, a beautiful blue-eyed woman. Lee has first time come to her country and thus, this will be her first face-to-face with her heritage. Solia will be her colleague and worries Lee might get fired because she is completely opposite to what everyone was expecting. That is how her adventure and the story began. 

My Summer In Seoul
Credit: Instagram | Rachel Van Dyken

“My Summer in Seoul” cast and release date

For now, “My Summer in Seoul” has now release date. However, it is possible that the show might release later in the fall. Moreover, the creators are also in search of an Asian-American writer who can properly adapt the series in television format. Certainly, then only creators will look for the cast members also.