Fruits Basket: Prelude’s Trailer Shows Exploration of an Emotional Love Story!

A love Story Centering Tohru’s parent’s past in ‘Fruits Basket: Prelude’ Trailer

An unpredictable and unique story is about to be revealed through the ‘Fruits Basket: Prelude’. The new anime movie is centered around a plot that is unknown to the fans and has never been shown in the series. The series that depicts Tohru Honda’s story, will now also discuss the love story of her parents, and it is going to be one emotional journey!


The story we know

The Fruits Basket, derived from its manga, was rebooted in 2019, after its first release in 2002. The story starts with a tragic accident where Tohru Honda, a sixteen-year-old high schooler loses her mother. Tohru faces some very hard days after becoming an orphan and has to resort to living in a tent.

Yuki Sohma, upon discovering Tohru’s hard life, along with his uncle Shigure invites Tohru to live with them. But the Sohma family has a secret, and Tohru discovers it as a matter of fate. The secret of the Sohma family is rather strange, as they turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac if they feel weak or are hugged by someone of the opposite gender, and it helps them to deal with emotional pain. Isn’t that intriguing?

Thoru and her friend


‘Fruits Basket: Prelude’ trailer gives a sense of exhilaration!

The love story depicted in the trailer appears dreamy! ‘Niji to Kaito’, which is the movie’s theme song plays in the background as we see Tohru’s parents building up their love. The trailer showcases how Kyoko is comforted by Katsuya after having an anger fit and is crying alone in the classroom.

There are moments of lively and captivating scenes between them where they share a delightful time before and after becoming parents. Sadly, the good moments don’t last long as we see Kyoko grieving after Katsuya’s death, and has to face some challenges which are somewhat similar to Tohru and Kyo’s relationship in the present. Such a turn of events makes it so much more appealing!

Fruits basket

The wait is almost Over!

After returning in 2019, The Fruits basket has gained a lot of fans. The anime’s way of capturing trauma and emotions, along with its frisky comic scenes has gained a lot of appreciation. ‘Fruits Basket: Prelude’ will surely shed some light on our beloved characters. The good news for the fans is that the story of the past life of Tohru’s parents will be released on February 18th in the Japanese Movie Theatres. Although there is no confirmation about the movie’s American release date, the fans can surely binge-watch the anime on various streaming platforms!

Thoru with her Mother
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