Britney Spears’ Eavesdropping Accusations on her Father to be Heard in a Separate Trial!

Legal matters continue for Britney Spears

It has not been long since her conservatorship case, and now Britney Spears is surrounded in more drama. Her claims of eavesdropping by her father have gained a nod from a Los Angeles judge for trial. The star has accused her father Jamie Spears of spying on her and blowing her millions of dollars.

Matthew Rosengart, Britney’s attorney has accused the attorney of Jamie Spears of ignoring the claims that, Jamie asked the pop star’s security(Black Box) to gain access to her phone and her iCloud accounts, and also eavesdropped on her by placing a device in her bedroom.

Things are getting ugly between Father Daughter

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The Pop star’s father has been interfering in her life for a long time. The singer has been adamant about getting her justice, and she was finally able to get herself out of the conservatorship. After Jamie was accused of eavesdropping and interfering in the private matters of the singer, Jamie’s attorney Alex Weingarten, defended him by stating that it “didn’t happen”, as reported by Rolling Stone.

The hearing took place on Wednesday, after which the singer’s attorney filed a statement from Sherine Ebadi, a former FBI agent who has worked with Britney to investigate the case of her conservatorship.

Statements from Britney’s Agent

Ebadi, the agent hired by Britney, now works for Kroll Associates on the post of Associate Managing Director. After her investigation, she has issued some statements which will prove Jamie Spears guilty. She said that Jamie was involved in a violation of his daughter’s privacy and civil rights.

Sherine has also confirmed that she was able to find the former employee in Britney’s security, named Alex Vlasov, and he has also admitted that he was directed to secretly place a device in the singer’s bedroom. Another shocking news that Alex has revealed is that the pop star has been continuously spied on from 2016 to 2018.

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Final judgment yet to be made

The judge for the case, Jude Brenda Penny has assured that both sides will get their chance to argue over the accusations and the estate’s accounting in the evidence producing hearing will occur in a separate court. A mini-trial has been scheduled to take place in July, and it could take undefined days. Looking at the past case of the father-daughter duo, the end of their disputes seems nowhere in sight.