Fortnite: Epic Games Acquired Harmonix to Create New Songs for the Popular Battle Royale Game

The band was behind games like ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Fuser’

Epic Games has made a unique acquisition this time – An entire band! The company, behind the ever-popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, had previously brought in developers RAD Game Tools, Mediatonic, digital marketplaces ArtStation and SketchFab, and even a mall. Now they have acquired Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. Harmonix is the developer behind music-centric games like the Rock Band series, Guitar Hero, Dance Central, and the 2020 game, Fuser.

Fuser made many improvements from the previous games, and had players performing as a DJ and remix numerous famous songs.

Harmonix’s statement

Epic Games

Harmonix released an official statement in their blog to confirm the news. They revealed straight away that they were joining the Epic Games family, and thanked that it’s the support of the fans that got them there.

Harmonix had began developing musical games for over 26 years, starting with The Axe and moving on to the successful Guitar Hero and its sequels. They made games for dancing such as Dance Central and even VR games. They said that their unique music will be brought to the Metaverse starting with Fortnite, and many special concerts can be expected.

In their FAQs, they mentioned that they will continue providing downloadable content for Rock Band 4, continue Rivals multiplayer seasons, and continue to bring new events for Fuser. Teaming up with Epic Games won’t hinder their other titles in any way.

Fortnite’s musical collaborations

Epic Games

Epic had turned heads when they held concerts featuring Ariana Grande, Marshmello, and Travis Scott. During fall this year, they launched the Soundwave Series which brought artists from around the world such as Egyptian musician Mohamed Hamaki, Brazilian rapper Emicida, Australia singer-songwriter Tones And I, Japanese pop artist Gen Hoshino, and French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura.

Fortnite just became even more exciting for the fans!