Find out why makers are delaying the release of Dying Light part 2. And it’s not due to COVID-19.

Three months ago, Dying light 2 officially got delayed even before the whole Covid 19 lockdown happened.

Lots of games got delayed due to lockdown, but Dying Light was delayed before that. Originally the game was supposed to come out in spring 2020, but that never happened. The reason behind the delay was that Techland wanted to provide us the quality. Last week Techland has talked about race tracing and how the delay of Dying Light 2 has improved the game.

During an interview with the Techland rendering director, they said that Dying Light 2 is the largest game created using an in-house C engine, and it’s essential for us to justice our expectations in terms of graphics. Makers really want this game to be a big hit, and they are working really hard even in this lockdown. The gaming industry has been experiencing the worst effects of lockdown.

Techland has been working to expand and perfect the game since the delay. So, we all want to know when Dying Light 2 is coming.

Everyone believes that the game is coming out in early 2021. Due to the pandemic, the work has slowed down significantly. Techland is most likely to show to the world the progress they made in Dying Light 2 in summer 2020.

The sources suggest that it’s most likely to come out by the end of 2020, right after the Playstation 5 is out. Well, releasing the game just after the PS4 release will work in favor of the game. They can release the game in early 2021 with playstation 5 and Xbox series X version. So now, you just need to wait a few more months to get information about Dying Light 2. Stay glued with us for the latest updates.