Fate/Strange Fake: whispers of Dawn TV Special Announced for Mega Premiere on December 31!

Fate/Strange Fake Special Announced!

Fate/Strange Fake light novel series is one of the many popular series in the Anime or Manga World. The light series was published in 2015 under Dengenki Bunko label and have 7 volumes. It also has a manga adaptation of Morii. This series was written by Ryougo Narita. The author of Durara and Bannaco, will receive a special TV animation episode. This production will be under A-1 production which previously worked on Fate/Apocryla in 2017.

As stated by the director Enokido, this anime is made also for every type-Moon fan. This story is known for being the first fate series that will show the first fate entry in United states. The portrayal of the Holy Grail War will be seen here which was never seen before in the original fate anime.

Fate/Strange Fake

The cast:

Kana Hanazawa/ Anjali Kunapeneni as Ayaka Sayjou

Yuki Ono/ Ben Balmaceda as Saber

Tomokazu Seki/ David Vincent as Archer

Yukobayashi/ Marin Miller as Lancer

About the series:

Fate/Strange Fake is directed by Shun Enokido and Takahito Sakazume and the scripting is done by Daisuke Ohigashi. Yuki Yamada is the adaptation in charge of character designs and Hiroyuki Sawano is under the music composition.  This series will be published by ASCII Media Works under the imprint of Dengeki Bunko. To utter dismay of English fan this release for the series will be in Japanese and no English Release.

Fate/Strange Fake

The TV special Fate/Strange Fake: whispers of Dawn will be aired on December 31st 2022. The A-1 picture is animating the OVA and teaser is out already. This series was licensed by Aniplex of America and produced by Souta Furuhashi. It is demographically a Seinen type manga. It  will be aired on December 31, 2022 during the annual Fate project New Year’s TV special. According to myanimelist.net this manga series have an overall rating of 8/10 and a huge popularity.