‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Teaser Revealed During Netflix’s Tudum Event! This Season Seems to be Wilder than Before

Emily’s hardest decision is expected to come

Netflix has revealed the teaser for season three of Emily in Paris and has continued to stick to the pre-Christmas release schedule, the same as the other two seasons. More hiccups related to her job, more love triangles, and other details about her personal life will be shown in this glitzy romantic drama. Let’s read in detail below.

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Details

Emily in Paris

Season 3 of Emily in Paris sees Emily (Lily Collins) talking about the “hardest decision” she has ever made. After all, Emily has to make a choice between her two romantic interests, Gabriel and Alfie, along with two bosses who want to make her choose them. Her friends Madeline and Sylvie are also shown briefly.

From the photos and teaser of “Saison trois”, we see that Emily is upping her fashion game, and see her being a close friend to Mindy (Ashley Park) just as always. The Emily-Alfie-Gabriel love triangle continues, and we see her with both of them. Alfie tells her that he has to return to London, but is willing to have a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Emily tries to confess to Gabriel, but fate has other plans since his supposed ex Camille decides to move in with him again. It also seems Emily and Camille are back to being friends as they were seen smiling together with Mindy in the first-look photos.

Season 3 Synopsis

Emily in Paris

The synopsis for Emily in Paris season 3 reads that a year after moving to Paris from Chicago to pursue her dream job, Emily is at a crucial crossroads in all aspects of her life. As the paths that lie in front of her are very different, Emily has to make choice after choice to see where her loyalties lie.

Take a look at the first look of Emily in Paris season 3 below.