Ever heard of the Third Eye? Here are top 10 signs how you can know that your third eye is opening.

The concept of third eye is a spiritual thing considered by the Dharmic Indians. After that it also got significance in the Hinduism and Buddhism religion. It is said that the third eye links a person to its spiritual realm. And it increases our consciousness towards the world.

When the third eye opens the person is considered to become more intelligent. So here are the signs that your third eye is opening.


1) The very first sign that your third eye is opening is that you will constantly feel a small pressure at the center of your forehead.
2) A person whose third eye is opening may also get frequent headaches which will be mild in the beginning but increase gradually.
3) A man’s intuition becomes really strong at the time his third eye opens.
4) You get the power of Clairvoyance, it means that you get flashes imaging of certain things that’ll happen in future.
5) Vivid and lucid dreams containing messages from angles will come to you.
6) Food is a source of energy for all living beings and when your third eye is opening, you will become conscious about the things you are eating.


7) The person whose third eye is opening will be able to sync every incident that happens in his or her life.
8) While your third eye is opening you must avoid places with loud sounds because at that time your sensitivity towards light and sound increases.
9) The person becomes more responsible towards his life and wants it to be meaningful.
10) When you look upwards while closing your eyes, you will be able to see some lights like blue, indigo and white. Moreover, you will also get to see some geometric shapes.