Billie Eilish has earned a lot of fame in a very short time period! Check out her net worth and more.

The 62nd Grammy Award came will always be remembered for the unexpected thing that happened in that award ceremony. Billie Eilish was the one to get five awards out of all the six categories that she was nominated for. It was quite a big surprise for all her fans. That was the moment when the nineteen year old singer and songwriter got extremely famous.

Her song, “ocean eyes” broke a lot of records, one of which was that it got played around 19 million times on the SoundCloud. And even now the singer keeps making amazing songs which break all the previous records of other’s songs.

As of now, the singer’s net worth is approximately 31 million dollars. And she will keep prospering due the new endorsements deals that she keeps getting. Moreover, musical tours, and brand recognition are also a great source of income for her.

In 2019, the singer’s income got a rise of 25 million dollars as AppleTV+ made a contract with her to take rights for making a documentary on her life. In addition, Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist who has directed some of her albums released a clothing line with her last year.

Her music tours also help her gross a lit of money, around millions. Other than this, she is also the owner of a brand that sells hoodies, pillowcases and beanies. Its name is Blohsh. The brand has a shop in London at a place called Camden.

2019 was a big year for her, the singer collaborated and branded for some reputed companies like Adobe creative cloud, Calvin Klein, Apple and many other. While the singer has such a great net worth, she still stay with her parents.