Enola Holmes 2’ Review: Fun-Filled Sequel Brings More Mysteries, Bigger Stakes, and More Sibling Rivalry

As always, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are a delight to watch (Spoilers ahead)

Millie Bobby Brown returns as the titular teen detective in Enola Holmes 2 after charming audiences in 2020. The Stranger Things star managed to deliver a delightful, funny, and even touching performance in the first part, which comes from director Harry Bradbeer with a screenplay from Jack Thorne, who have both returned for the sequel.

Let’s check out what the story is.

Enola Holmes 2 Story

Enola Holmes 2

In the first part, Enola manages to successfully rescue Viscount Tewksbury (Louis Partridge), Enola Holmes 2 sees her open her own detective agency in London. However, she has a hard time finding patrons. Due to her being a woman, her inexperience, and the final factor of her having a very brilliant and famous older brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill), she is down on her luck. However, right when she decides to close her agency and go back to their family’s country estate, a young girl named Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) comes to seek her help in locating her missing sister.

However, the missing person case quickly becomes something entirely different, with a case that even her brother cannot solve while landing Enola, Sherlock, and the town of Tewksbury into a much bigger conspiracy.


Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2 has avoided a serious mistake that other sequels often make – relying too much on the successful portions of the first movie. Instead, it made sure to let it grow beyond its origins. In the first part, Sherlock tells the cocky Enola that no lesson learned is a lesson wasted. So we see a much more mature Enola who is willing to do all she can to solve the mystery.

Brown shows her skills by enacting both comedic and emotional scenes, and Cavill plays the detached detective who still cares deeply for his little sister. Cavill’s knack for comedy is also visible here, and his scenes with Brown are still the most enjoyable. All this happens while an exciting case waits to be solved.

In  conclusion, Enola Holmes 2 must be part of your weekend movie list.