With “Lift Me Up,” Rihanna makes an incredible comeback following 2016!

The “Lift Me Up” soundtrack by Rihanna is enticing and calming

After releasing her album “Anti” in 2016, Rihanna is back with the lyrical and tender track “Lift Me Up.” This serves as the series’ main soundtrack and is a dedication to the late actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away from colon cancer. The song “Lift Me Up” was co-written by her and Tems; the composer is Ludwig Göransson; and the film director is Ryan Coogler.

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Verdict On The “Lift Me Up” Track

The song is only three minutes long, yet it is cheerful and catchy. With its lovely violins and profoundly moving words, it is calming to the ears. Fans are in a frenzy over Rihanna’s comeback and her incredible song performance. While some appreciate the song and admit they were missing Rihanna’s aspect, others say they are delighted to hear her voice again.

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Track Production

Tems acknowledged that the inspiration for the song “Lift Me Up” came from a meaningful conversation she had with director Ryan Coogler. Tems wanted to write a song that would feel like a loving embrace from all the loved ones she had lost and therefore would express how much she missed them. It was an honour for her to hear Rihanna perform this song, and she praised Rihanna’s vocals and claimed that Rihanna had been her inspiration.

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According to Coogler, they were looking for a performer that could sing the soundtrack exactly how they wanted it to be portrayed, and Rihanna was at the top of their list for this reason. Rihanna’s involvement in the project was sparked by Boseman, he said, and he even claimed that Rihanna had obviously written this song with him in mind.

One week prior to the movie’s theatrical debut on November 4, the whole soundtrack is scheduled for release. An acoustic version of Lift Me Up has also been released.

Below, you may listen to “Lift Me Up,” a brand-new and incredible soundtrack.