Ellen DeGeneres’ Show ‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ Cancelled After 4 Seasons! Hopes for Revival too Crushed

“Ellen’s Game of Games” is ending after 4 seasons

News regarding Ellen DeGeneres‘s show “Ellen’s game of games” has recently come into the light. NBC TV network has decided not to advance the show to the fifth season. The last season of the unscripted show led by Ellen was aired in May 2021. Composed of the popular games from Ellen’s talk show, where the contestants competed for a big cash prize. Unfortunately, our entertainment source won’t have a new season.

Ellen also filming for the final season of her daytime show

The NBC series comes to an end as Ellen DeGeneres is also working on her show ” The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and is filming its 19th season, which is also the final season, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

The famous host has faced allegations of overlooking the toxic work environment on the sets of her show which also lead to an internal investigation. These events have caused the removal of several members on the show and an apology from Ellen, which led to a bad reputation for her shows.

Ellen's Game of Games
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Not Much of a Surprise

While many might be surprised at this news, it was not entirely unpredictable. DeGeneres’s contract with NBC ends this year, so the end of Ellen’s Game of Games was inevitable. Ellen has been serving as the host as well as producer of her series, which has several versions of her famous games from “The Elle DeGeneres Show”.

Ellen was accompanied by Stephan in the show where they judged the contestants. The game had four rounds and the winner of each round entered the “Know or Go” stage. After that, the winner of the successive round known as “hot hands” had a chance of winning $100,000 as a cash prize.

The end of Ellen’s Game of Games doesn’t mark the end of Ellen era

Ellen DeGeneres had started her popular daytime show back in 2003, and her success has been magnificent since then. Five years later, she came out as a lesbian on the cover of the Times magazine. She has become an iconic name in the chat coalition after Ophrah Winfrey left.

There are other TV shows inspired by the comedian’s show title such as “The Masked Dancer”, “Family Game flight”, etc. Endings aside, we all know Ellen will always remain our favourite host on TV with or without Ellen’s Game of Games!

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