“No Exit”: Hulu Unveiled the Release Date for the Survival Thriller!

The wait for ‘No Exit’ is finally over!

Here is some thrilling news for movie lovers! “No Exit” survival thriller, based on its novel has revealed its release date. The movie will be released on Hulu in the US and has marked February 25th as the final date. The exciting adaptation will also be released worldwide on international platforms such as Star+ and Disney+. The streaming platforms surely have their perks when it comes to an international audience!


A woman’s search for the Evil

This movie is an adaptation of the novel named No Exit written by Taylor Adams. It showcases the journey of a young woman named Darby Thorne who gets side-tracked by a storm. Instead of attending to the emergency in her family, she faces many hurdles on her way. She meets many unknown people and is compelled to rely on them on her way back home. She had to make a stop at the highway rest stop. Moreover, her problems get worse when she spots a girl seemingly abducted in a trailer.

Things start to get scary when she had to consider the possibility of having evil amongst many strangers. This woman’s struggle increases as she is enforced to find the kidnapper while risking her own life!

Reaching out to a wider range of Audience

Things have changed a lot since the concept of streaming movies was released. Not only does it provide the audience with better options, but also attracts a huge range of people from across the world. Apart from being expedient during the pandemic, streaming of new releases on various platforms has become benevolent since it provides greater profits than releasing movies in theatres.

Undoubtedly, the release of movies such as No Exit on platforms such as Disney and Star Plus would help the movie get a better outreach instead of struggling.

Paperback of "No Exit"

An amalgamation of talented artists

We are sure the 20th Century Studio film will do complete justice to the 2017 Novel No Exit. The movie is scripted by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari who have previously worked on movies like Ant-Man And The Wasp and Logan. Scott Frank is the producer for this unpredictable thriller.

The movie has a list of very talented actors including Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, Dale Dickey, along with Mila Harris. Looking at this team, we can surely imagine that this movie going to be worth the watch!