Dwayne Johnson Teases New Video Game Movie, Fans Wondering What it Could Be

Dwayne Johnson drops a teaser for fans

Dwayne Johnson has always believed in a policy – Be the hardest worker in the room. He continues to prove that he is as he announced his latest project.

The Rock made an announcement that he is at work trying to bring “one of the biggest, most badass games to the screen” with a new movie. However, he has kept the name a secret to build the hype around his fanbase and gamers in general.

Johnson’s interview

Johnson in Doom

Johnson revealed the news in an interview with Men’s Journal. He was asked of any plans to bring video game characters to the big screen. Now, if you’ve taken a look at Johnson’s work, you can see that the actor loves the genre. In fact, he has asked in the live-action adaptation of popular game Doom in 2005. His Jumanji films are also based on characters that appear in a fictional video game.

So it was not a surprise to hear him say that one of his projects in the pipeline is based on a video game. He added that he cannot reveal the name, but it was something he had played for years.

Johnson said that he wants to “do right by our gamer friends” but also want to make a great movie. When asked the kind of games he enjoys, the Rock revealed that he was always a big madden fan. However, it is unlikely that his mysterious project is a football movie. Johnson had previously done Gridiron Gang and The Game Plan in that genre.

New projects

Johnson in Rampage
Warner Bros.

Like we said earlier, Dwayne Johnson is a busy man, and he loves being busy. The ex-WWE entertainer’s most-anticipated project of the year is DC’s Black Adam. We have received a trailer and costume look so far, and the post production is going on in full swing.

He will also be seen as Krypto the Superdog in DC League of Super-Pets. It was announced yesterday that he will star next to Captain America star Chris Evans in a Christmas movie titled Red One.