Star Wars: EA’s Respawn Entertainment is Currently Working on Three Titles – Check Out What They Are

From the studio that brought you Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

Get ready for more Star Wars fun, gamers.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio that comes under Electronic arts and brought Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order is hard at work developing three new titles. The news was announced by EA and Lucasfilm Games, and the games will be: A strategy game, a first-person shooter, and the next title in the Jedi franchise.

New collaborations

Star Wars Jedi
Respawn Entertainment

The Star Wars Jedi title will by directed by Stig Asmussen. The first-person shooter will be directed by Peter Hirschmann, a person with a long history in Star Wars games. However, for the strategy game, Respawn is on board as a producer and will be joined by Bit Reactor. Games industry veteran Greg Foertsch at the helm of the project with his new studio.

Douglas Reilly, the Vice President at Lucasfilm Games spoke of his excitement on their continued partnership with Respawn.

He added that Respawn will continue to tell epic Star Wars stories with the best in-class gameplay, and will bring more amazing experiences for gamers and fans.

Sean Shoptaw, Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Games joined in on the excitement. He said that the new projects are a sign of the trust and mutual respect shared by EA, Lucasfilm Games, and Respawn. Each game will satisfy the audiences who love that particular genre.

Area of expertise

Star Wars Jedi
Respawn Entertainment

Each title has huge potential to succeed. The Jedi continuation can focus on the story, the strategy game can of course, focus on stretching out the brain of gamers. However, the FPS title is also exciting, since Respawn has brought us Apex Legends. It can create a new online community with regular updates coming up.

New skins and collaborations can take place, and can also promote the Disney+ series or movies that will happen in the future.