Dwayne Johnson Gives his Custom Truck to a Navy Veteran as a Christmas Gift!

“It’s all love”

Dwayne Johnson showed yet again that he has a heart of gold when he gave a Navy vet his customized pickup truck as a gift for the holidays.

The gift was given after a special theatre screening of his latest movie Red Notice.

The full story

The Rock with Oscar Rodriguez

Dwayne Johnson gave the full update on Instagram, along with photos and videos. He said he had invited fans for a special theatre screening of Red Notice, and wanted to do something cool for all of them. But he went above and beyond like only the Rock could. Johnson said he wanted to give something big, massive, and unforgettable for one special fan.

He said he had collected information about all the people who had come for the screening. But the person he chose was Oscar Rodriguez. He listed Rodriguez’s qualifications, saying he takes care of his 75-year-old mom, is a personal trainer, a leader at his church, and provides meals and support for women and children who were victims of domestic abuse. He is also a humble and proud Navy vet, and a kind human being.

The reception

New truck

Dwayne Johnson asked Rodriguez to read a card on the seat of his car, and in it was written that the car is now his. Rodriguez dropped to his knees in tears and disbelief. He then went to hug his generous benefactor, and in the end said, “It is only love.”

Johnson later wrote on Instagram that his original plan was to give the Porche Taycan that he drove in Red Notice, but the car company said no. That’s when he decided to give his own “baby.”

In conclusion, do good, and be kind. Whether you get rewarded or not. Dwayne Johnson has set an example for all his fans.