The Score: Will Poulter, Johnny Flynn & Naomi Ackie in a Musical Heist

Never expected to hear musical and heist together

Music mixed with crime and violence is an odd combination. Well, not quite since we have already seen Baby Driver. But it’s still something very unique. That will be the combination in The Score, a British film that premiered at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia this week, and at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The movie stood out due to its mix of music and action.

What is “The Score’ about?

Will Poulter
WestEnd Films

The story follows a young small-time crook named Troy (Will Poulter), who is waiting at a roadside café, which was set as a rendezvous point. He and his partner have made a plan to transform their life forever. As he waits for his partner Mike (Johnny Flynn), he starts chatting with the waitress (Naomi Ackie) about music. Soon, they discover they have a shared passion for it, and Troy also falls in love. He soon starts rethinking his life choices, but while he’s debating, the real danger is coming his way.

The Score is directed by debutante Malachi Smyth, who had been a screenwriter so far, and has written Ghost Machine and the upcoming Sentinel. She casted Flynn, who is an actor and musician. Aside from being part of the main cast, Flynn also composed original songs for the movie

Smyth on her movie

The Score
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Smyth admitted that she had no intention to write a musical. All she wanted was a simple story, with a low budget, small cast, and few locations that she could make as a first-time director. However, she did pick a song called ‘Barleycorn’ for the four main protagonists of the movie as an introduction. But seeing how well it worked, they soon got to making more songs, and that’s how the final product turned out to be.


It will be interesting to see the impact that The Score will manage to create.