Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Finally Has Vegeta Beating Goku

The game has just changed (major spoilers ahead)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is out, and the new movie from the iconic franchise has got fans hooked. The Dragon Ball Super series had put extra effort in highlighting the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. Despite going from enemies to allies to even friends, Vegeta is still fueled by the desire to beat his fellow Saiyan. It has been so since Dragon Ball Z. We will discuss how it happened, but know that there will be spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Events

Dragon Ball Super: Super hero
Toei Animation

When the two first squared off, Vegeta had already conquered entire planets, while Goku was a kid competing in martial arts tournaments. In fact, the first time Goku even beat him was because of the help from his friends. But ever since, Goku has grown more and more powerful, and had firmly surpassed the last price of the Saiyans for many years, until Super began. Currently, Goku has Ultra Instinct, while Vegeta has Ultra Ego, both powers that came from Godly beings. They were believed to have been on equal terms.

A few hours ago, numerous spoilers from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have come out. In that it was mentioned that Vegeta and Goku are training on Beerus’ planet. During that, they have a sparring match.

An Unexpected Result

Dragon Ball Super: Super hero
Toei Animation

But the match had a surprising victor. Vegeta managed to beat his age-old rival and became the ultimate winner. However, they both fought in their basic forms. So it is decided that Vegeta is more powerful in his basic form. So it remains to be seen who is stronger when they use their maximum fans. Vegeta fans are happy nonetheless.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is out on select theatres on June 11.

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