Disney Halts Theatrical Releases In Russia After the Ukraine Invasion

Russia continues to lose support

Ever since Russia declared war on Ukraine and carried out an invasion, the rest of the world started making choices on who to support. This included political leaders, as well as major production companies. And now, Disney has issued a public statement against the country saying they will pause all theatrical releases.

The conflict

Disney's statement

Everything began with Vladimir Putin’s public announcement on February 24 saying he is conducting “a special military operation” in Ukraine. Citizens around the world understood that it was an invasion, as tanks, planes, and soldiers marched into Ukraine’s sovereign borders. The lives of citizens are in risk, and we saw them scrambling to survive and hole up in metro stations. Neighbouring countries have slowly started providing asylum and half a million refugees have moved to Ukraine’s West.

The rest of the world made it clear that they are standing in solidarity with Ukraine, and criticized Putin and his lust for power. This resulted in tech companies being pressured to cut down their services in Russia. Both Netflix and Disney are pressured to show solidarity, given that they have a global reach.

Disney’s power

The Russia-Ukrainian War
Anadolu Agency

Netflix is the biggest streamer currently, but it is clear that Disney+ can overtake them in a few years. After their statement, The Walt Disney Company becomes the first major media company to publicly stand against Russia. Political leaders will have to stand with Disney since they have immense economic influence. The numerous amusement parks, their contribution to media, and their living spaces made sure of that. Disney has joined companies like Twitter, Airbnb and Etsy.

Meanwhile, Europe is mobilizing the largest group of soldiers since 1945 to support Ukraine. Ukraine has stood their ground throughout, and president Volodymyr Zelensky has pleaded for the world to support them.