Twisted Metal Now In Live-Action Video Game Adaptation Starring Anthony Mackie

Twisted Metal, a Classic Game, Got a Tv Adaptation Starring Anthony Mackie 

Twisted Metal, a classic PlayStation game everyone has been involved in within their lifetime, has now received a TV adaptation.

If this news is not enough to bring a smile to the faces of the fans, then they will surely cherish its star cast. The production team signed The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie as the lead character.

Production of Twisted Metal began in September 2021 and set to release on Peacock.  Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were finalized as executive producers. While Michael Jonathan Smith popularly known as Cobra Kao was in the seat of a showrunner.

Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie/Instagram

The classic game series dropped 25 years ago and this live-action by Michael Jonathan Smith and his team is definitely going to bring back memories of the past. And to see our favourite fame character walk and playing in the real-life setting can love by anyone.

Let’s know more about his live-action tv adaptation in this post.

About the Series

Live-action based on the action-comedy of the game series, where Reese and Wernick offered a package of safes. They took this mysterious package and tried to deliver it to the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The duo meets a car thief, with the help of which they engage in a vehicle rampage and end up in an existential threat zone. The comedic series takes place half-hour on Peacock.

Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie/Instagram


The character of the legendary John Doe, the player’s favourite in the game franchise, played by Mackie. Who also happens to be the series executive producer. Who is new to the character of Doe should know his character as a smart and clever milkman, trying to survive in the vehicular battles in the TV adaptation, despite memory loss from his past.

Mackie stars as John Doe, a smart-ass milkman who talks as fast as he drives. With no memory of his past, John gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make his wish of finding community come true, but only if he can survive an onslaught of savage vehicular combat.

Mackie last appeared in Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.