Diddy as Late Heath Ledger’s Joker On Halloween had a Showdown with Michael J. Ferguson

Diddy’s actions on Halloween in his character of Joker

On Sunday (October 30), Diddy took to his Instagram account, posting some photos and videos in which he dressed as the Joker from the 2008 movie The Dark Knight. He posted a number of videos showing him creating mayhem around the city, and having fun doing so. In the middle of the night, he released a video, which was of him staging the carjacking of Tyler, The Creator.

A winner look

He won this year’s Halloween by wearing a faithfully faithful recreation of Heath Ledger’s late Joker in The Dark Knight. Later that evening, Sean Combs, appeared to get into an altercation with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson, who was unaware he was wearing a costume.

Diddy on Halloween
@diddy | Instagram

As per a report from ALL HIPHOP, he laughs in Joker fashion, leading viewers to assume he was in character. However, when the situation took a sharp turn it becomes clear the rapper is far more serious than he was.

Confrontation with Ferguson

Diddy’s Halloween confrontation with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson left viewers wondering where the rapper ended up and Heath Ledgers Joker started. It appears Diddy was ready to de-escalate the state of affairs at this point.

It seems as if he was willing to defuse the situation at this level. The situation quickly took a crucial turn as it became apparent that Diddy was taking things seriously. The two ended their argument when he wrapped his arms around Ferguson, ending the incident.

Diddy on Halloween
@diddy | Instagram

He also posted several shots of the evening, including one in the backseat of the police cruiser, and another with him stretched across the top of the vehicle. 

Furthermore, in one of the posts, Diddy, dressed as Heath Ledgers Joker, is holding a fake machine gun at a warehouse, and when he starts jumping and falling, the fake grenade falls from his ammo belt.