Demi Lovato Is Playing games with fans on Instagram!! But, looks like her relationship with Austin Wilson has reached another level of parenthood with that baby bumb!!

Demi posted a picture of her with a baby bump on Instagram. She shocked her fans with the photo. The sizeable baby bump was for her appearance in Will & Grace’s show.
She was wearing a polka dot dress in the photo by captioning it ‘Real or fake? #WillandGrace #MeetJenny.’

Her followers and fans really remained in shock even though she put the caption along with the post. Fans also posted various reactions like “Literally just had a mini heart attack. Before I read the caption, I was hyped af. Mama demi and oh lawddd my heart dropped for a sec.”

Others commented: “DEMI DONT PLAY W ME LIKE THIS and Ooh gurl unless you got 7 months pregnant in like 3 months then that’s the Lords baby.”

The singer, 27, recently publicly admitted her relationship with Austin Wilson, her new boyfriend. No wonder fans jumped to a conclusion before they read the caption and understood the meaning. The news about their relationship is not as old as they recently accepted reality and shared a beautiful photo with their fans.

On her post, she also shared a comment from her fan’s Instagram story, hinting that a new album might be on the way before a baby.

The fan wrote, ‘Demi is pregnant with D7’, to which the singer replied: ‘This is true.’
Demi will appear in three episodes of the final season of Will and Grace. She will portray the character of Jenny, who is ‘a guarded gal who comes into the life of Will (Eric McCormack) unexpectedly.’ There may not be a baby on the way as if now, but we are sure to see Jenny and a new album from Demi on the horizon.