COVID-19: U.S.A Facing a Strong Second Wave of COVID Cases with the Numbers Multiplying at an Alarming Rate

While the people of the USA were all caught up in the whole election week, it seems like the pandemic terror us continuing to loom large on the country.

COVID Cases Increasing At An Alarming Rate In U.S.A.

The number of people contracting the COVID -19 virus has been increasing at an alarming rate with a frightening number of 120,000 new cases of infections. Several medical experts and administrative authorities are working hard but are also fearing a second wave as well!

With Joe Biden winning the election this time with an impressive number of votes have already made some important announcements including one that says there will be a federal effort to contain a virus surge across the country. With this new task force at work, we are hoping that the alarming number of cases will be minimised and can be brought under control.

Several Countries Are Undertaking Useful Measures During This Time Of Crisis.

The whole pandemic terror has led to a high economic slowdown all over the world with the number of COVID cases increasing in many countries which is making the whole situation worse. Several countries are suffering from a major financial setback with businesses not running as usual. However, many countries are making sure that they can help the small scale businesses to recover some of their losses and people do not run out of jobs due to no work .

Keeping the present scenario in mind, Italy has announced a pandemic relief package for businesses that have been largely hit by the country’s second lockdown. Several restaurants, shops, and other places were compelled to shut down due to slow business. These relief packages will help these people.