Country Singer Thomas Rhett has a Interesting Love Story To Share, Well Let’s Check It Out.

Thomas Rhett country singer and songwriter is really a romantic inspiration for many American. “Die a Happy man” a most played love song of 2015. The record was really chartbuster and was heard nationwide. Well, the love life of the singer is also not less tragic.

Die a Happy Man is about a man’s need for nothing less than a real and unconditional love from his love lady. For him, this was for his wife, Lauren Akins his childhood friend and crush since school days. The singer describes his love as love at first sight.


How did It start?

The two times the Academy of Country Music Award winner singer and Lauren Akins, a philanthropist with a nursing degree had a long and truly filmy love story. They had many rough times, went through many ups and downs in their relationship life but the end was adorable. We all have a childhood crush, someone from our school or class. Rhett also had a crush on Akins as they were classmates in the same class for their middle school. Their mere acquaintance grew into a healthy friendly relationship. Which, in term fruited in a relationship when they were 15.

The singer is pretty evident in his love story and didn’t hesitate to share it with his fans. Thomas describes his dream girl as the perfect high school girl who was out of the league for him. In one interview he told that he was pretty sure that all the high school boys must have a crush on her.


It Ended Well!

The couple went on breaking up but still decided to remain friends, but it was hard for Thomas to move on. Later in their higher studies, they found someone other to distracted them self and start a new, both even got almost engaged. After completing studies Thomas came back and ones attended a function at Akins was he once again met Laurel only to travel back in time, he soon got to know that Laurel is single, that was really dream come true for him.

The couple got married in 2012.