COVID-19: ‘I Love Rock n Roll,’ Singer Alan Merrill Succumbed To Coronavirus

 I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, singer Alan Merrill died due to coronavirus on 29th March 2020.

This grief news came with the dangerous situation of the whole globe, the virus has left many grieving for their love ones, this pandemic is the first one to hit the world after modernization.

Coronavirus Took Life Of Alan Merrill

Merrill, 69, was a big star in Japan in the 1970s he wrote and sang the record album “ I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” in 1975 with his band the Arrows. The song was real breakthrough and made to billboard hot top 100, which soon was certified platinum by recording industry of America Association.

Laura Merrill talked to media about her fathers’ death, she told that she met her father for the last time in New York Hospital, the writer was taken to New York hospital on Saturday morning and immediately put on a ventilator because he was having fever and cold from last 10 days. He was also having a struggle in breathing.

His family said that though he was having cold and fever from last 10 days he was perfectly all right, physically. He was playing with the dog, doing all kind of daily stuff until he suddenly woke up having severe breathing problem.

As thick as thieves daddy. You were more than a father…you were one of my best friends. We spoke EVERYDAY. We’ve…

Posted by Laura Merrill on Monday, March 30, 2020

Laura told that her sister texted her about their fathers’ condition and she ran straight to New York the next morning, the hospital assured his stability which gave them hope. But sooner his report for corona came positive and he succumbed to the virus.

Alan Merrill was perfectly alright before been attacked by a virus he even finished his new album that was supposed to be released in April. The world grieved for the loss of a great person.