Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Hint at their Pregnancy!

Well, recent years were boon for Jonas brothers, they got the love of their life and some great hits across a billboard. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have come with the surprise wedding last year in Las Vegas. The duo dated for some time and then secretly got married. And now according to rumours, they are expecting their first child.

Well, it may be confirmed for the recent events were the couple were spotted in Los Angeles, the crop gave a glimpse of changing the form of Sophie.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Hint at their Pregnancy! 1

Change in Outfit

Talking about her dress, Sophie is seen dressed in light and loose clothes, a comfortable cropped vintage Rolling T-Shirt with distressed elements along the neckline, covered with loose-fitting denim overall.  Well, rumours seek to be likely and we don’t have any closing statement from the latter or their close one.

Also, speaking about it, the sources have reported that Joe has now become even more protective toward Sophie, well this might be really big go green for their fans as this indicates some new coming in their life.

They were very secretive about their wedding, talking about which we could recollect that their DJ friend live-streamed their wedding ceremony- without their permission. Showing them exchanging the vows in the church. Joe even told that his parents were not aware of the wedding and found out about it on the internet, well that’s really a bunch of information to judge the couple very secretive about their personal life.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Hint at their Pregnancy! 2

Another solid roof is that the pair was spotted shopping for baby stuffs, well, it was reported that the pair was seen luring around toys particularly boy’s toys like some sort of superhero toy or something and Sophie was really excited about it so that gives wings to the rumours.