Columbia University Study Reveals High Carbohydrates Raise the Risk of Insomnia

Carbohydrates tend to increase blood sugar levels. With the increase in blood sugar levels, our body responds to it by producing insulin. This drops the blood sugar with the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which affects the sleep routine of a person.

Carbohydrates and Insomnia

Many studies have said that refined carbohydrates and insomnia have some possible relationships. But there are no proper proofs as they didn’t follow individuals over time. It can be either refined carbohydrates including insomnia or insomnia inducing to consume more sugars. Another strategy to specify if carb intake is causing such sleep dilemmas is to look for the emergence of insomnia in people with different nutriment.

Estimated studies

Recently a survey at Columbia University Vagelos College of physicians and surgeons claimed that diet may influence insomnia. Along with adults, postmenopausal women who are observed to consume high carbohydrate foods in their diet are more likely to experience sleeping issues, especially insomnia. On the other hand, the ones with a healthy diet of more vegetables, whole fruits and unrefined fibres usually experience less sleeping problems or insomnia.

The treatment for sleeping disorders or insomnia is usually expensive. Cognitive behavioural therapy and medications are often used for its treatment. Researchers should be made for easy and cost-effective treatment of insomnia along with fewer side effects. These findings were published on December 11 online in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

More the consumption of sugars, greater is the risk of insomnia, whole fruits should be consumed instead of juices. As the fibres in then tend to decrease the sugar absorption. Highly processed substances containing refined carbohydrates should be avoided by individuals.

Much more research should be done to obtain better proofs in a wide population regarding this matter. Researchers should focus on finding out the ultimate cause of such ailment. Alternate diet schedules should be consumed for a good sleep routine. Usually, complex carbohydrates and whole foods in their natural form should be taken for the prevention and treatment of insomnia.