Severe Itching During Pregnancy aka Obstetric Cholestasis Can Harm The Unborn Child! Read On To Know What Happened To This Expecting Mother!!

Itching during pregnancy is common as it caused by the stretching of the skin during the growth of the baby bump. It is usually caused by a higher count of hormones in the body due to pregnancy.

However, it can also be a sign of obstetric cholestasis which is a problem for the liver. It can affect the unborn baby too. A woman shared her story with OC. Here’s what had happened to her :

The woman had suffered from a miscarriage and after she fell pregnant again, she observed blood coming out from her body. She feared that it was a miscarriage again but later found that the baby was safe.

Just two weeks before the completion of nine months, she started having itching in her body. She kept ignoring it but it kept getting worse and worse.

She consulted her doctor and later found out that she was suffering from OC. She didn’t think that it was very dangerous until she found out that it has resulted in stillbirth in many cases.

She got terrified and went under medication but it did not improve her condition. She got induced at 38 weeks, which was more than nine months.

During her labor, her baby got stuck after 9 hours of her pushing and an emergency c section had to be done on her. The baby was born with a very slow heart rate but luckily he survived.

So OC is not something to be taken lightly. If pregnant women are suffering from itching, it may be due to skin stretching but it can also be a sign of OC. So checking is very important.