Candace Bure Shockingly Against Featuring Gay Couples says “Will Keep Traditional Marriage At Core”

On Hallmark Exit, Candace Bure Reveals Great American Family will work on “Traditional Marriage”

Full House star Candace Bure is going to be focused on developing holiday-themed content for the network after having previously signed an exclusivity deal with the network. Candace Bure does not expect Christmas movies on the Great American Family (GAF) network, where she is the Chief Creative Officer, to feature gay couples.

When Candace Bure left Hallmark Channel, she joined former executive director Bill Abbott at Great American Family to help develop the network’s slate of original holiday programming. Bure had done some work on holiday films previously at Hallmark Channel, before moving on to Great American Family. 

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is set to star in this movie, as realtor Maggie Larson, described by GAF as the type of parenting, overbooked realtor, who takes her family to visit her widower brother and his daughter over Christmas. We may just think Candace Cameron Bure is the new Queen in the GAF family, as not only will she be involved with development and production, but will also play an important role in their annual “Great American Christmas”. 

Known everywhere as the former face of Hallmarks Christmas movies, it makes perfect sense that Candace Cameron Bure, in her role as Paige, will be recruited to help fill out Great American Family with some heart-warming content. The actress said that she does not think that the main LGBTQ+ romance will be what a Christian-conservative network will be focused on. She discussed the move in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (via Variety), saying that “Great American Family” is prioritizing Christian faith over “Hallmark”. 

Abbott, who has worked with Candace Cameron Bure for 15 years and formerly served as CEO of Hallmark, came under fire for her channels decision in 2019 to steer clear of a spot by wedding-planning site Zola, which featured a gay couple kissing, triggering the trending hashtag #BoycottHallmark on Twitter.

Hallmark has made a concerted effort in recent years to diversify Hallmark’s content, its first original holiday film, which centers around a same-sex couple, debuts next month, and it is easy to see how unappreciative Bure was of that shift.