Review: Is ‘A Christmas Story Christmas’ is the sequel we needed?

Over 39 years and the nostalgia hit isn’t massive as was expected with A Christmas Story Christmas

Suppose folks will refrain from being lured into unhelpful comparisons between them. In that case, they will discover that one of our favorites is quite an irresistible follow-up, and a rather fitting Christmas Story companion piece.

Unsurprisingly, the sequel features numerous references to A Christmas Story Christmas and flashbacks, including movie clips that will help to spark memories if, as is not likely, you did not watch parts of it in recent memory when channel-flipping around Christmas. Instead, the nostalgia-filled sequel is a reminder that the movie was a particular product of its time, and watching it was such a singular experience that it never needed a sequel. 

Ralphie, A Christmas Story Christmas
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A Christmas Story Christmas may make you feel as Ralphie Parker’s young son did back in 1983, gazing at a snow globe of his memories in order to remember a time that was a bit more idealized. The film treads familiar ground, but rather than the reflective narrative that gives the comeback sequel its wink, the new film features little Ralphie Parker’s retelling of his life in the present tense.

Ralphie Parker
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Though there is a little bit of an upset moment in the air for the lack of originality, it is a comforting movie for this Christmas to feel familiar on holidays like these. Ralphie who carries the same energy as he was when young, narrates the story from his side with the pint of adultery sprinkled up in his narratives.

You cannot say that this is the right sequel to one of our all-time favorites. And it is clear that the fans have been treated well. The original classic Warner Bros. logo fades and the familiar “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” theme song. After a few failed attempts at making a follow-up film for director Bob Clark’s movie, we are finally getting A Christmas Story Christmas, bringing in a number of cast members from the original film.