Britney Spears Shares a New Video on Instagram! The Singers wants a Tell-All Interview with Oprah

Britney demands her family to be imprisoned for their actions

As we all heard last week, Britney Spears is finally free from the dreadful conservatorship, which she had been under for the past 13 years.

The singer gave a brief hint that her fight with her family is far from over, and that she may want to tell everything that happened during a talk with Oprah. Let’s now look in detail.

Britney Spears’ video post

Britney Spears' statement

In a video posted on Instagram on November 17, the singer said that she’s here to answer all her fans’ questions, and the first one was what she will do now that the conservatorship is over?

Britney Spears said that she wants to start with little things like accessing the keys to her car, owning and using an ATM card, and holding cash for the first time in forever. She also wanted to buy candles, which may not seem like much, but still makes a huge difference. She spoke about growing up, saying she lived with victims, which made her work her a** off for 20 years. Britney also made it clear that she didn’t come here to be a victim.

In another post, she said that she wants to be an advocate for people with real disabilities or illnesses, as conservatorships are usually placed for making the lives of such people easier. But having seen all its dark sides, she says she can only imagine what it could’ve done to them. Britney Spears wants her story to change the corrupt system.

On talking with Oprah

Britney and Oprah in 2002

Oprah has come a long way from theĀ Oprah Winfrey Show, and now hosts exclusive celebrity interviews on CBS. Her previous guests were Adele, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, and they were all big ones. Her company, Harpo Productions, and CBS haven’t yet issued a statement on Britney’s decision. But it can be the best means for everyone to fully understand Britney’s side of the story.