Snowdrop: Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s Kissing Scene Shoot was filled with Laughter and Cute moments

Jung Hae In and Jisoo of BLACKPINK look adorable in recent behind the scene video of Snowdrop

A new South Korean drama Snowdrop has released for all the Korean drama lovers. The Korean drama series has just begun and features Jung Hae In and Jisoo of BLACKPINK in the lead roles. The upcoming drama has a beautiful story of a girl and a boy who suddenly falls in love with each other. But guess what? A video of Korean drama has just come out and has caught the attention of the fans.

Jung Hae In
Instagram/ Jung Hae In

Behind the scenes video of Snowdrop grabs attention of the fans

The new south Korean drama has released a short video where both Jung Hae and Jisoo can be seen discussing a scene of the drama. It’s visible in the video that they are on a night shoot.

The video released from the Korean drama set shows both the lead stars getting ready for their first kissing scene in the upcoming drama.

Instagram / Jisoo

The short video of historical drama has the lead cast discussing their kissing details with the director. While they are seen asking about the details of things to be put around them while taking the kissing shot, Jisoo brews a cup of coffee meanwhile.

Jung on the other side is seen telling Jisoo to take one sip of the coffee. After all of that, both completes their kissing scene. Jung then gives ice pack to Jisoo and cares for her.

A little about the Snowdrop drama series

As far as the drama Snowdrop is concerned then it’s a historical Korean drama with some political background. However, the lead role will have Jisoo and Hae In who meet for the first time in Jisoo’s college and their love story begins.

The story highlights how the lead pair falls for each other while Jisoo tries to hide Jung from the college authorities. The drama is already winning hearts of the fans all around.