Attack on Titan: Episode 73 has been delayed by Crunchyroll and Funimation

The episode got rudely interrupted by  4.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan

Another episode of Attack on Titan was airing on 14th March, but that was cut short. An announcement was made later that episode 73’s release overseas was delayed at the last moment due to a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture. The episode was about halfway through when the earthquake happened and it was pulled off the air for the breaking news coverage. As expected, the episode will not be airing anywhere until it finishes airing in Japan.

New release date


Updates came yesterday on the show’s Twitter page that episode 73 will be airing in a few days, March 21 to be exact. That’s right, it’s going to air just before episode 74, the final episode of the season, so fans will have a lot to take in that week. Even though the subbed version got delayed, the dubs of episode 68 was released timely on March 15.

Episode 73- Evil (Mild spoilers)


The episode, titled “Evil” showed Eren coming face to face with Mikasa, Armin, and the other scout members at the restaurant run by Nicolo. Eren has now embraced his anti hero personality, bordering on villain, as he and the Jaegerists raided the restaurant and held everyone hostage. A tense conversation happens between him, Mikasa, Armin, and Gabi, where the latter three get to hear some harsh words from Eren.

On the other side, Captain Levi is having his own problems with Eren’s half brother Zeke, aka, the Beast Titan inside the deep woods.

Those who wish to remain unspoiled regarding the new episode, you know the drill. Stay away from all things Attack on Titan until the new episodes come out on March 21.

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